Saddle fitting

A saddle fitted correctly brings the horse and rider together as one.

The junction between the horse and the rider is the saddle and it needs to be fitted correctly. I help you and your horse find the perfectly fitted saddle for comfort, health and performance.

Saddle size

The size of the saddle in conjunction with your saddle blanket is important and without an appropriately fitted saddle can have a detrimental effect on your horse. Just like us, having the right saddle size is like a pair of shoes  size alone doesn’t always make it a good fit nor do thicker socks make your shoes more comfortable and can result in injury.

Saddle fit

Fitting a saddle correctly takes into account a range of considerations:

  • the anatomy and physiology of the horse
  • the condition of the horse and seasonal considerations
  • the conformation of the horse
  • the discipline it’s riding in
  • the rider and their ability
  • the type of saddle and its attributes.

My approach to fitting a saddle to a horse and its rider is systematic. I am staunchly independent and am not affiliated with any brand. I will always first assess your current saddle to see if I can get it to fit correctly prior to recommending a new saddle.

Saddle fit report

I produce a Saddle Fit Report with every appointment that lists the fit of the saddle as well as any adjustments that are required. My Saddle Fit Report lists all the changes that are required to the saddle, saddle pad and girth for the best fit.

Appointments usually require 1 hour in an initial consultation with a further follow up appointment once all adjustments have been made to check the fit. The assessment requires the rider of the horse to sit in the saddle (girthed up) during the appointment as the rider is an integral part of the fitting process.

Book a saddle fitting appointment

If you’re in the Ballarat region and along the Western Highway area from Ballan to Stawell area of Western Victoria and would like your saddle professionally fitted or reviewed, contact Martin Godwin Equine.

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