Martin Godwin Equine New Client Induction

    The purpose of this induction is to maintain safe working practices and my high quality standards. This mini induction is designed to keep us as safe as possible when working around your horses and donkeys. Its purpose is to assist us to work together as best as we can and promote a safe environment.

    Emergency kit
    In case of an emergency, the following provisions are available in the Emergency Kit located in the work vehicle:
    • Emergency ‘Go-to’ sheet with emergency phone numbers and basic instructions
    • Mobile phone (unlocked)
    • First Aid kit (human)
    • First Aid kit (equine)
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Personal Locator Beacon (when no mobile coverage is available)
    • Snake bite kit

    Legislation requirements
    Martin Godwin Equine is one of the very few equine businesses to have its own Workplace Health and Safety Management System that incorporates safe systems of work.

    As a part of this Safety Management System, I ask that you comply with the following:

    1. Follow the directions from Martin Godwin; and
    2. Take care of your own and others’ safety.

    Infectious diseases
    My goal is to keep all of my clients and animals free from the transmission of any infectious diseases where possible. The owner or handler must advise Martin Godwin Equine if the property or horse(s) have any infectious disease prior to Martin Godwin arriving at their property. Infectious diseases may include (but not limited to) ring worm, strangles, equine influenza, or any reportable outbreak.

    Terms of service
    • Horse/donkey to be ready and prepared by the agreed appointment time
    • Horse/donkey must be haltered with a correctly fitted halter and with a lead rope of at least 2 metres long
    • No smoking within 10 metres of workplace
    • Dogs are to be contained/locked up for the duration of the equine care work
    • Members of the public (everyone except for the handler) are to remain out of the yard/paddock/work area where the horse is located, greater than 10 metres distance.
    • Only the equine care worker and one handler (over 18 years of age) are to be in the yard/paddock/work area with the horse or donkey
    • A safe, dry and level work area is required
    • Equine handler must wear closed-toe and safe footwear
    • If wishing to swap handlers once work has started please check with Martin Godwin first
    • Equine handlers are not to use their mobile phone (except in an emergency) during the service and it must be kept on silent
    • No photos or videos are permitted during the work unless agreed prior and only once all persons in the work area are ready
    • Work will be cancelled and rescheduled in the case of an extreme fire ban rating being called for your area, the temperature exceeds 35 degrees, or during general extreme weather events.

    Payment terms
    • Prices are provided upon request/enquiry to Martin Godwin Equine.
    • Cash, direct deposit or cheque payment for the work is required immediately upon work completion. Receipts are emailed upon request.

    Acknowledge and acceptance
    Please add your name and email below to show you have read, understood and accept these work safe procedures and terms of Martin Godwin Equine. These terms must be accepted before services commence. Thank you for your cooperation.

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    Last Name