Equine Massage

Massage for your horses’ wellbeing.

Horse massage is one component of a holistic care plan for your horses’ health. I help your horse maintain optimal body functionality through various massage techniques and stretches.

Horse massage is commonly used pre and post-working in disciplines such as eventing, dressage, show jumping as well as breeding mares and stallions. Hack and pony club horses also benefit from massage.

Why horse massage?

If you consider your horse as an athlete that will perform when you choose to go for a ride or compete, then massage is a vital component of maintaining its body functionality, like any sports athlete.

I often hear people refer to their horse as ‘naughty’. Rather than thinking your horse is making a conscious decision to act against your instruction, undesirable behaviour is usually due to a reason. Picking up on small cues and subtle changes in its movement and body language can help explain these behaviours.

Through soft touch and feel, damaged muscle or spasm can be located and massaged back to full pain-free movement.

Benefits of horse massage

Just like when you go for a run, it’s desirable to warm up and stretch before and after. Massage helps to avoid muscle, tendon and tissue injury and to help maintain the horse into its older years of life.

Horse massage can have immediate and longer lasting benefits, including:

  • increase range of motion
  • happier disposition
  • increased muscle tone
  • healthier and shinier coat

Massage can be used to combat muscular problems such as:

  • muscle spasms
  • muscle knots (adhesions)
  • sprains and strains
  • stiffness
  • uneven gait
  • lack of cadence
  • not tracking up
  • difficulty collecting or extending

Equine muscle therapy

I specialise in muscle therapy that improves circulation to your horses’ muscles and fascia to aid in recovery and repair to the muscular-skeletal and lymphatic systems. These systems are interconnected and through touch and pressure, you and your horse can benefit from the positive outcomes.

A calm environment and relaxed horse are important when massaging as the best results are gained when your horse’s’ muscles and posture are relaxed. This is why I massage horses where they are most comfortable and relaxed, usually at their home or under their favourite tree.

Book a horse massage

If you’re in the Ballarat region and along the Western Highway area from Ballan to Stawell area of Western Victoria and your horse or donkey is in need of a professional massage, contact Martin Godwin Equine.

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